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Dear Grace brides and grooms,

As you all are busy bees in the wedding planning process, we wanted to to clear up some of your frequently asked questions.  Please take the time to read each of following questions and answers they will help you in your planning.

What are the responsibilities of the Grace management and staff on my wedding day?

The Grace Vineyards team is fully dedicated to setting up your tables, chairs, linens, glassware, silverware and stocking your bar area. There will be a venue manager to insure your guests park correctly and know which direction they are heading.  The venue manager will direct your vendors on where to set up.

During your ceremony we prepare your hors d’oeuvres (if hors d’oeuvres are purchased) , prepare your non-alcoholic beverages and set ice waters on every table.   We insure dinner is set and ready according to your set dinner time.  We insure a smooth dinner service and buss dirty plates and glassware throughout your event.

The venue manager will direct the Grace staff in pouring for your toast as well as cutting and plating your wedding cake.  Our manager will check on the timing of these events with a designated person from the family/wedding party or hired wedding coordinator.

We do facilitate your wedding to the best of our abilities but please note, staff does not set up any wedding decorations and does not move the cake or set up cupcakes.  We do not direct your ceremony walk or keep the timing of your event.

When will we go over my menu choices?

During your details meeting that is to be scheduled 10 days before your wedding date we will go over all the details.  We will discuss linen colors, vendor arrival times, and table arrangement. You will turn in your final count of guests at this time along with your written timeline.  We will present your final invoice based on your guest count and you will pay your final balance at that time.

How many people can sit at each table?

8-10 guests, but 8 is much more comfortable

When do we bring the beer for our wedding?

Bottled or canned beer can be brought during your scheduled rehearsal time.  This is the only item that can be brought on the property during your strict 1 hour rehearsal.  Please no decorations at this time since you will need the full hour to practice your ceremony walk and because we host multiple weddings in a weekend.

When is our rehearsal?

We offer a complimentary rehearsal time.  The rehearsal allows you 1 hour on the property. We will help you stock your beer and put out water and cups for your wedding party. No food or open alcoholic beverages can be brought on the property.  Coordination of your ceremony walk is your or your hired wedding coordinator’s responsibility.

Can we bring real flower pedals?

Fresh pedals are beautiful and perfectly welcomed. Silk/fake pedals are not.

Can we bring sparklers or flame candles?

Unfortunately, neither are allowed at Grace.  We have a no flame policy to protect you, your guests and the surrounding greenery.